matt grant

the essentials

What do you want? What do you need? What have you got that you don’t think you could do without? What would you be sad to lose?

Are any of these things really ours though? Or have they just been lent to us, things to make use of for a period of time?

We should make the most of them whilst we can.

And be willing to let them go when the time comes, grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given.

Some things are easier to detach ourselves from than others. But we have to practise. We have to divide everything we have into things that lie within the sphere of choice and things that lie outside.

Accept that everything outside the sphere of choice is not our own. They are not for us to keep, they are not part of us and consequently they should cause us no pain when they come to be taken away from us.

They might seem essential. They might seem like things we can’t do without.

But that’s simply a judgment we make.