matt grant

simple isn't always easy

We can try to make things as simple as possible. We can strive towards an uncomplicated life.

But the path to achieving that isn’t necessarily an easy one.

Sometimes we are presented with things that look like easy options. But they might still force you to make hard choices. There might be some information missing, something you don’t quite understand that affects your judgement.

Conversely, there are difficult options which might actually might make things easier later on. It might cause you temporary discomfort, but the long term payoff may make that worthwhile. Those are the things that are worth pursuing, worth sticking with.

When we’re faced with a decision, whatever it is, we have to own the fact that it is our decision to make. Ultimately, we get to decide.

Don’t just sit there wishing you didn’t have to choose. That’s life. There are no shortcuts.

Mediocrity is easy. Average is easy. Anyone can be unremarkable.

You want to do something important? Something great? Something different? Something meaningful?

Make that hard choice.