matt grant

drawing on the walls

I think by drawing.

I added a whiteboard to my work space recently for this exact reason.

Maybe it comes from my background as an engineer, always having them around for scribbling concepts and ideas on.

Or maybe I was drawn to engineering because that’s the way I learn. I’m not sure.

I was having a conversation recently with a friend of mine who also happens to be an engineer and there came a point where neither of us could adequately express what we wanted to in words anymore.

We both started waving our arms around, drawing on imaginary whiteboards in the air. Then I asked the staff in the coffee shop we were sitting in whether they had a blackboard or something we could use.

They didn’t, oddly enough.

So we had to make do with napkins.

Then we left the napkins for the next people at that table to discover.

It highlighted an element in my own self-knowledge. It was a lesson in how I behave, how I function best. It was also a lesson in my limitations. What I still need to work on.

It’s important to recognise these things. To find tools you can use to create the best environment for yourself. To help yourself grow. To express yourself in a way that’s true to the person you are and the person you want to become.

Sometimes it’s drawing on the walls.