matt grant

getting it done

Sometimes there are things that have to get done, even though you’re not excited about doing them.

You have to keep working, keep improving, keep evolving.

You might not see the results straight away and there will be times when you just aren’t in the mood, but you know that in order to keep going in the direction you want, you have to turn up and produce.

It isn’t just about the tangible outcomes. It isn’t just about the rewards.

It’s about the process.

Sometimes it can pay off to follow your psyche. To focus on doing the thing you’re excited about in the moment. Sometimes the extra drive takes you above and beyond what you’d otherwise be able to acheive.

But remember that the path to reach your destination is where the story happens.

You get to create the narrative. You get to decide, when the passion isn’t there, how you respond.

What’s your answer going to be?