matt grant

without distraction

Deep, uninterrupted periods of focus are essential in allowing us to make meaningful changes in our lives. In order to achieve difficult things, to produce meaningful results, we have to be deliberate about the way we spend our time.

Not only that, but one day we’ll be on our death-bed looking back and we’ll have to answer the question, ‘Am I happy with how I lived my life?’.

What is the answer going to be? We have to create a philosophy by which we live. We have to practice the self-discipline required to shape our own future according to what we value. To not be subject to the influence of outside factors.

It’s fairly easy to start with good intentions. But we have to go further than that. Much further.

We have to build habits. We have to schedule our time. Prioritise the things that contribute to our larger goal. The things that build the solution to our problems. Every moment has a task assigned to it, every minute has a purpose. How are we going to spend our day?

Each action has to be critically analysed. We cannot simply consider what benefits something offers. We also have to consider the costs. Does it make economic sense? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Costs in this context has a wide reaching scope. Time. Attention. Space. Opportunity. Intrinsic value. Extrinsic value. All of these have to be examined before we can make a judgement.

Is this really worth our while? Or is it just a distraction?