matt grant

who's in control?

For a number of years, my circle of control and concept of boundaries were very poorly defined.

Derek Sivers talks about one side of this balance in a post he wrote a little while ago. Having a circle of control or influence larger than your circle of concern can create problems for others. A disconnect between your actions and those they affect is a dangerous combination.

Most of my focus recently has been on the opposite situation.

To keep my circle of control smaller than my circle of concern and to minimise the distance between the two.

Making sure that I prioritise things that are actually important to me. Identifying the things that matter and focussing on them to best of my current ability. This starts with consistent introspection to achieve a better understanding of myself and the life I want to lead.

But that is only one side of the equation. That only defines what I can influence.

I also have to consider what affects me.

It comes down to choice. I choose to keep my circle of concern as small as I possibly can. It’s the reason I don’t watch the news, listen to the radio, buy a newspaper or pay any attention to politics. Opting out of all of it leaves me with more time for what I find meaningful.

If something happens that truly affects me, then I’ll find out about it soon enough.