matt grant

make your choice

When you take meaningful action, you divide opinion.

Some people are going to agree with you and some people aren’t. If everything was treated rationally, in a non-zero sum mindset, that might not be the case. But not everyone thinks this way.

So no matter what you do, somebody will dislike you for it.

This is a good thing. It’s a fundamental component of freedom. It’s proof that you’re living in accordance with what you value and with what’s important to you. That you’re being loyal to getting what you need, to determining your own future.

Every time we eschew responsibility for our lives, everyone we blame things on someone else or on some external circumstance, we give up that freedom. We create a narrative where we’re the victim.

Instead, put the burden on yourself. Make yourself accountable. Instead of just coming to the conclusion that you aren’t happy with the way something is, find a way to change it. It’s down to you. It’s your fault things are the way they are and you’re going to have to fix it.

Don’t worry what other people think your life should look like. Don’t worry about other people’s expectations. Take control. Define success on your own terms and set about creating it.