matt grant

changing your mind

We all have our beliefs.

When asked for our opinion on a certain matter, chances are we’ve got something to say. Some of these are better informed than others. Some are more deeply rooted in our identity. And sometimes we give an opinion just so it doesn’t seem like we’re stupid or uninformed.

But any opinion is simply a snapshot of information from a past version of ourselves.

As we’re constantly seeking to improve and expand our knowledge, every opinion should be analysed and questioned. Even the fundamental ones that define who we think we are. Especially the fundamental ones.

If an opinion or a statement stands up to scrutiny, then you can be confident in building upon it.

And if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to reconsider. To discard a previous position and set about establishing a new one.

This process should be constant.

If I’m not a different person week on week, if the difference between me now and me a year ago doesn’t scare me then I’m done. I’m finished. I have to be critical and consider how much I’ve changed, what percentage value I’ve added to myself this week, this month.

Question everything. Stay curious.