matt grant

measureless to man

It’s an unreal feeling not being able to hear anything apart from your own breathing. Not being able to see anything apart from your torch beam. Looking back and watching a complete blackness close in behind you. All whilst floating in space.

You follow the line. Every kick you do on the way in is one you have to do again on the way out.

Cave diving. It’s a strange world. A beautiful world. Potentially a dangerous world.

In many ways it can be seen as analogous to life.

You can’t see what’s behind, what has already been and gone. You can tell yourself a story, describe it in words and recreate it in your mind but you can’t be absolutely accurate. You might have been in this cave before. Not everything will be the same this time around however.

You can’t see what’s ahead, what the future holds. You might have a vague idea but you won’t really know until you get there.

All you’ve got is now.

The space that you currently occupy.

You can try to prepare for what might be coming. Practice certain responses to certain scenarios. Equipment failures. Losing the line. Junctions, decisions that have to be made. Utilise knowledge of similar situations you’ve experienced in the past.

Some things are under your control. Your thoughts, your actions. Everything else isn’t.

Whatever happens, happens. You no longer have a choice. You just have to deal with it.

How will you respond?