matt grant

finding your calling

It can be easy to treat a job as a fixed entity.

We feel we should find something we’re passionate or excited about. That we have an innate capacity to fulfil a certain role and it’s just a case of figuring out what that role is.

So we start ruling things out. If we’re not permanently excited, then it can’t be right.

But to expect our calling to suddenly strike us out of the blue is to misunderstand the process.

Instead, we can simply take what we’re doing right now and go all in. Find something immediately actionable and do that. One thing. Then another. Over and over.

Just as our identity is constantly evolving, so is what we do and how we perceive it.

No matter how we feel, we have to keep pushing forwards. There are always going to be difficult times and hard parts to what we do but we have to realise that these are not absolute.

They are not things to be avoided. They are part of the practice. They are opportunities to learn.

Then, once what was previously hard becomes easy, we get to find something else to concentrate on.