matt grant

no caffeine

I’m running a litte experiment at the moment.

I’ve stopped drinking coffee. I haven’t had any caffeine for 10 days now.

I’m fairly into my coffee. I love the way it tastes, especially fruity, African coffees. Prior to giving it up, I was drinking two coffees a day. One first thing in the morning as an Aeropress and then a second, later in the morning, as V60.

Both of these were a particularly fine Ethiopian roasted by the guys over at Coopers Coffee although I had recently been trialling their new Columbian which has some unusual fruity notes. They do some outstanding coffee.

Anyway, I wanted to see how much of an effect the caffeine was having on me. Was I addicted to it? Was I relying on it to wake me up? How would I feel without it? Was I being honest in my appraisal that I just enjoyed drinking it for the taste?

I didn’t notice any adverse effects whilst I was drinking it, but I was aware that that wasn’t necessarily an indication that there weren’t any. Was it affecting my mood? My sleep? Could I just give up any time?

So one day, I stopped having it.

And what have I noticed?

So far, I’m not sure much has changed. My mood and emotional state is potentially slightly improved. I haven’t noticed any real change in energy levels, although potentially I would say I’m more aware of them. I have a feeling that the caffeine would previously give me a slight false peak, but I’m not sure. My sleep pattern hasn’t changed a great deal.

I am fairly confident on the addiction front at least. I don’t have any cravings and it wasn’t difficult to just stop drinking it. It is still relatively early though. I think I’ll continue for a bit longer, monitor all of my markers and see if I notice any more effects. How long for, I don’t know.

I think this kind of experimentation is critical for personal knowledge and development. What things do you take for granted? What habits do you want to start or change? What do you want to explore?

Run your own little n=1 study. Find something you’re curious about and dive in.