matt grant

how to be busy

I’m not busy.

I make a point of trying to never be busy.

By ‘busy’ I don’t mean having something I’m doing or something to do. I mean having numerous things to do and an amount of time to do them in that forces you to make compromises. Rushing. Starting one thing then suddenly stopping midway through to do something else or getting disctracted by a third thing.

Not having time to just do nothing for a while and see where your mind goes. Not having the time or spare mental capacity to actually be present and experience the moment.

If I ever find myself tending towards that type of situation then I know something is wrong. I’ve made some poor decisions. I’ve said yes to things I shouldn’t have said yes to.

By avoiding being busy I give myself freedom. Freedom to explore, to follow my curiosity. Freedom to say yes when an interesting opportunity comes up, to just try things and see what happens.

Freedom so that when someone asks, ‘Are you busy?’ I can say, ‘Nope, how can I help you?’