matt grant

fill in the blank

In Italian, the word dopodomani means ‘the day after tomorrow’. Literally, ‘double tomorrow’.

We don’t have an equivalent single word in English. It takes us 4 word to convey the same meaning.

This is true of a lot of concepts.

There are things we simply aren’t able to describe or express because we don’t have a word for them. In the same way as we can’t imagine new colours or sounds, we don’t have the vocabulary to convey their meaning.

Once we learn the word though, once we see a colour for the first time, once we hear a new sound, suddenly our repertoire grows.

Suddenly we are capable of more.

Eudaimonia is another example of this. It’s a Greek word roughly translated as ‘human flourishing, prosperity and blessedness’. But that doesn’t really capture the whole meaning.

I’m not sure that I am yet able to fully grasp what it does entail. The picture is still a bit fuzzy.

But it’s becoming clearer.