matt grant

back to it

What does the word holiday mean to you? What image does it conjure up?

What about the thought of coming back after your holiday? How does that make you feel?

We all have different reasons for travelling.

Work. Pleasure. Other. At least those are the usual options on the customs form. Our mindset has a deep impact upon how we experience that time. To a certain extent the length of time itself doesn’t matter. It’s how we approach it. It can serve whatever purpose we want it to.

If we’re not careful though, it will be over before it has the chance to serve any purpose at all.

Travel has the capability to provide great opportunities for growth. Great opportunities to be surprised.

Ask yourself what you want to get out of it. Find the right approach to get what you want.

Then, even when you come back physically, mentally you’ll be a different person.

A different person capable of a different way of thinking.