matt grant

where you are or where you want to be

We’re always tempted to get ahead of ourselves.

It’s very easy to see someone we want to emulate and think, I just have to copy them and I’ll be sorted. It’s very easy to think that what worked for them will work for us.

And sometimes that ambition is valuable.

Sometimes looking at an example of where we want to be can provide us with an idea of how to get there.

But we also have to bear in mind where we are.

We don’t need to have big plans. Even ignoring the fact that we don’t have the full picture about any circumstance other than our own, we need to be able to recognise the intermediary steps.

We need to think about what next.

Here’s where I am today. This is who I am, this is what I’ve got to play with.

Now, what are my options? What’s the next action that will take me towards where I want to be?

Then we can begin.