matt grant

travel anywhere

The increasingly connected nature of the world means that places can start to look very similar.

Certain themes and ideas dominate, supressing the local in favour of the global.

You might technically be in a different country, or even on a different continent, but everything around you feels just the same. Culture, distilled and exported.

However, we have a choice.

There will always be untouched places. Places that have retained their own independent heritage. Places where we can go not just to say that we’ve been, but where we can go to learn.

We can cast off any preconceptions and go with an open mind.

There will be different rules, different behaviour and different standards.

What is normal to us might seem very strange to them. Neither is necessarily wrong or right. Neither is definitively better or worse. And once we stop comparing, then we can really start to engage in the process of discovery.

We can travel anywhere we like.

But what we gain is down to what we do not where we go.