matt grant

the first version

We know what we want it to look like.

We can imagine the ideal scenario, the perfect solution, the finished product. We can combine elements with no limitations. We control all the variables.

But only in our mind. Whatever we create is nothing more than our imagination.

There comes a time when we have to bring the process into the real world.

Where perfect doesn’t exist.

Where we can’t go straight to the finish. Where we can’t simply start at version 1.0, with everything working exactly as we think it should.

Because, for a start, how we think it will work and how it actually works are two completely separate things. There are so many variables we can’t account for when we interact with reality. There are so many factors that are hidden from us. Not only do we not know what impact these variables will have, we don’t even know what most of these variables are.

And that’s ok.

We just have to let go of our expectations.

We have to look at what we can do right now, with the resources we’ve got.

Version 0.1. Alpha. The testing phase.

Then we add things. We experiment. We see what really happens. Then we adapt. We try again. We tinker and we play. And eventually we might end up where we thought we wanted to be.

The beauty of the process though, is that we might end up somewhere completely different. Somewhere we never expected to be.

And it might be better than we had ever thought possible.