matt grant

act your age

How old are you?

It doesn’t matter.

It comes down to how you feel.

And in that respect, how you behave is as much of a determining factor as the actual number.

As you get older, it seems like you get more set in your ways. You aren’t as tolerant of change or as willing to step outside of an established routine.

But the opposite is equally if not more true.

Getting set in your ways causes you to age prematurely. Everything is comfortable, everything is as you expect it, everything is as it has always been.

You don’t have to think. You don’t have to learn. Your mind doesn’t have to make new connections. So it starts to shut down. It starts to take shortcuts. Then your body starts to do the same.

That’s all the ageing process is. A cessation of growth.

Act your age.

Because your age is defined by your actions.