matt grant

a way

Decisions present themselves to us as crossroads.

Junctions in our path.

We have a choice to make, a road to pick, a route to choose.

But which is the right one?

Nobody knows.

Right for what? What is right today might not still be right tomorrow. What is optimum right now will not always be so.

Which path you pick is nowhere near as important as just picking one.

And staying on it long enough to find out where it leads.

It might start off uphill. It might start off steep and difficult. But if we don’t stay with it, we’ll never find out what’s on the other side. We’ll never see what’s round that next corner, what’s over that next rise.

It might not get better. We might have to change direction. But then we can do so with some confidence.

This isn’t the way. It’s just a way.

The way we’re taking. For now.